Friday, March 19, 2010

I really don't have time for this....

I need to be to someone's house in a few minutes to can my flour, sugar, and salt. I am excited about my emergency preparedness, and want to get it done before something happens.

Tyler's party was a lot of fun. I will post pics soon. I need to assign one person the camera at these fetes so I don't get such disjointed pics. Ugh. 14 shots of one kid in the jumper, and none of her opening gifts?? LOL.

Her baptism is set for the 27th, at 11am at the Dexter bldg. I am so lucky that another mom is so gung ho (it only being her second child) and is willing to set up the program, and print it out. Yay. I want Tyler's day to be special, but I am happy to hand it to someone else to do. :D I am so relieved that this is my last one. It is a lot of work and stress, and I just don't need either right now. :D

On a sad note, the girl I was trying to fellowship back into church has been attacking Tyler. I have defended Ty against these ridiculous accusations but her feelings are hurt. I have been driving the girls to school, and will continue I guess. They don't miss the bus, that is for sure. I don't understand how an adult feels it is okay to attack a child. She even admitted that it 'looked' like Tyler pushed her daughter down the bus steps. She didn't even see it, her older daughter told her. But, when I asked the bus driver, she said nothing like that happened,that the daughter was upset for being reprimanded. When I explained this to the mom, she said I was in denial. LOL. THe bus driver is in a conspiracy with me?? Whatever. I just feel bad that I have to pull completely away for the safety and well being of my kids. I hope she finds what she needs at church and continues to go. I just can't be the one to do it anymore.

Off to shower and arrive late for my appt.

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