Friday, May 10, 2013

A little of this and that

Avoiding taking the car in. :D Fernando is 32 today. Man, I miss you my Nando. I wish you understood that you were duped, and I love you dearly. Someday maybe....

Our electric was so high over the winter...Yikes. Family meeting, promises of the fair, and it dropped over 200.00 in two months. Good job, Pachecos!!

Tyler was invited to join Avid...and I forgot to sign the paperwork.Maybe I'll do it now, and run it to the school. She was so excited about it.

She also got honor roll last week, and was so thrilled to surprise me that she stuck it to the back of the car. Little sweetie. cockeyed, but perfect in her eyes. I aspire to look at the world more with her optimism and attitude.

Mother's Day gift from Bill is a grilled Tritip on Sunday with Raspberry Chipotle. I can't wait. Tyler made something at activity day last week, and hid it from me. :D Kailey is taking me to the cheesecake factory. I am looking forward to the weekend. Still need something for my mom though.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog neglect

Months have gone by again. We have been in this house, and the Ortega ward for ten months. Surprise!! I am back in the nursery. :D But, it is a place I love to be. Things on a whole are well. Work is slow. Bill has worked for Brad now for about six months...and four of them with no work. But the two we did have work went so well we  went three months without suffering. How does that work?? One we were making good money and two, we were full tithe payers so we were blessed.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Here is the new house:

While I hate the actual move, I can't wait to move. We meet the landlord tomorrow with the rent, and to get the keys. We paid the deposit/pet deposit last week. The plumber went out this week and hopefully turned the w/d hookups from the outside yard back into the garage.  Who has hookups in the yard?? LOL

We switch wards. No bueno. I have come to love the Lake Perris ward in the last year and a half. I love being in the nursery. I will miss my girls. :c I hope our transition is smooth. The kids know a lot of the kids in the new ward because we aren't switching stakes. Between girls camp and Youth conference the kids are happy. Hey, that guy, or this girl is in the new ward! I know a few families so I am anticipating it  being fine. I just hope Bill feels like he fits in. He had felt alone in this ward as we have a lot of younger families, and older couples. But few inour age range.

Off to pack some more.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plans to move...again

When we moved to this house in Nuevo, the plan was to be here a year to regroup. We moved here to save money, but because we are in the middle of nowhere, it added to Bill's commute. No matter where his house is, he spends 25 minutes just getting to a freeway. He spends a good 50 dollars a day. And, since San Diego has opened, and is about to explode with work, we really need something closer to the freeway....any freeway.

So, I have been half heartedly looking. In a way I want to stay in the ward. I hate switching wards, and spending a good year learning everyone. I am in the nursery now, and although I love the kids, I miss being with friends. And, now that my coleader was released, and a new person put in things are not as happy for me. More on that later.

So, I posted on Facebook about this house, and how the a/c is not cost effective. Last summer I was paying around 500 a month for the house to still be on  the hot side. I had a friend answer that she may have a rental for us. Her house. She is renting it from another friend, who moved to Texas two years ago. She has decided to buy again, and is in the process of a short sale. I have no idea why it is called that as it seems those houses take longer. :/ Anyway, she lives in a beautiful house. I helped her two years ago to move into it, and Bill and I helped her paint the upstairs and the master suite. There are two bedrooms upstairs, with a huge tv room. There are total three bedrooms, an office, the tv room, a family room, and a nice formal dining room. It has a laundry room, which I have never had before. The whole downstairs is tiled, except for the master suite. It is just a beautiful house. It has a beautiful patio, is on  a culdesac, and dear friends of ours have family across the street. It is actually the last house on the street, so the kids would be much safer than living on the main street like we do now.

The cons? 200 more a month than I am comfortable with. But, it is three minutes from the main freeway. It would put us an hour from San Diego, and an hour from Victorville, Indio, and Los Angeles. Now we are an hour from INdio, 1:20 from Victorville and San Diego, and almost two hours from Los Angeles. Another con: Back to the town we came from, with the school busing issue. But, I now have a decent car, with only 60K, so driving the kids to school is not the issue it was when we moved here. It does make it hard for me to work though. To be honest, I have only put in two or three days in the whole month of May.

So, the two hundred is kind of negated by the living so much closer to the freeway. How long will it take for friend to vacate?? I don't know. She doesnt know, but wants to be gone before school starts. Me too. I would also like to just stop looking too. :D

Moving out from under the nursery is a double edged sword. I love those little girls. I have four girls who  I am attached too. the other leader was released after being in there for almost four years. She was feeling no one liked her and that is why they left herin there to rot. Not true, of course. So, her replacement is a much older woman who can barely walk, and has not much patience for kids. I am baffled as to why they put her in there. I am now doing all the work, and I am just not enjoying it as much. Sunday I had three clingers (one was a visitor) and the kids have not had the chance to get close to her. It was rough on me to try and do everything, and still comfort my girls.

So, we will see how this all pans out. I am dreaming of hosting holidays again...impossible in my tiny house. I am looking forward to just having room to move around in.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

It is true...wisdom comes with age

I am 46. Ancient to my kids, and just a kid to my parents. I have come to a lot of realizations recently in regards to all points of my life. But, I am only going to refer to one today.

I am happy where I am with the relationship with my sister, Karen. We have had a bumpy road the last couple of decades, with me being truly baffled as to why. Growing up I was the leader. Being two years older convinced me I was years ahead in experience and knowledge. She was my minion. We rarely fought, only because she did exactly what I told her to do. Power.

When we grew up, we were comommies. I had three in three years and she had four in three and a half. We took our brood everywhere together. My dark kids, her blond ones. Along about the time her fifth came along, things went south. Her ex was hurting the kids, and I couldn't stand by and watch. I called CPS once, and whoever I talked to did not keep the anonymous part anonymous and told her I had called. She was livid, and wouldn't talk to me for years. I missed out on a lot of the younger kids growing up years. Soon after, she kicked her ex to the curb for having a kid with the babysitter, and went on to get a good job, buy a house, and meet a wonderful man who helped raise her kids. I really feel it is this man who convinced her I was not the monster her ex had led her to believe, and we slowly started to heal.

I love my sister's kids...almost as much as I love my own. They are an extension of me. I tell my youngest niece, Emily, that she is my favorite niece all the time. I also tell her not to tell Vanessa. Meanwhile I tell Vanessa SHE is my favorite and not to tell Emily. LOL

My sister and I text all the time. She was my rock during Grandma's illness, and passing, and funeral. Yesterday at the memorial party, I realized how far we had come, and I was happy.

My relationship with Monica is best left for another day.

Friday, March 30, 2012

To celebrate a lovely lady

Everyone wanted to be part of the funeral. It put Mom in a tricky place because if she let one grandchild pay tribute, then she had to let all thirteen, and then great grandchildren needed to be let in and where would it stop?? Mom was on a strict timetable because the military was involved. Funeral HAD to end on time so we could get to the cemetary and the staging area on time. So, Uncle Ron (always Ronnie to me) gave the eulogy, the stake patriarch spoke, and remarks by the bishop. A couple girls we knew as babies were to sing/play O My Father, but the younger one was in a serious car accident a few days before, so her sister played and sang alone. Incredible. The Primary kids and cub scouts sang I love to see the Temple. Tyler was included in that because she is in Mom's Primary class.

But, there was a lot of complaining and gnashing of teeth..and that was just me. :D Bill came up with a wonderful idea. He is so smart and so level headed when I go off on tangents. We have been planning Oma's 95th birthday party. We have the building reserved for the 14th of April. We have changed it to a memorial for such a beautiful lady. Everyone who wants to will get 3-5 minutes to honor their mom, grandma, or Oma. Then we will all enjoy chocolate ice cream and hershey bars.

A fitting tribute.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Buying Grandma's van

So, now that the funeral is over, and life is settling down, I had mentioned I would like the van. Grandma's van is an 06 (I think) and only has 50,000 miles on it. Every fender is dinged though, attributed to the last few weeks of Grandma driving. LOL. Every gas station post has her green paint on it. Mom asked the other day if I was REALLY interested. Yes, I am. We have two cars, one holds five people and the other two. Usually it is okay, but it sucks taking two vehicles the 12 miles to church. Grandma's van holds seven....perfect. Plus, if we buy it, we can maybe get Cory a license and let him buy the Pathfinder from us. He is almost 22....old enough I think.

Back to the van. Rumors flying at the funeral that Mom wanted 10k for it. In A-1 condition, maybe, so at that point I let it go. So when Mom called and asked, I told her what I had heard. WHAT?? Have you looked at the van lately?? LOL. Yes, Mother. I drive it a lot. (Mom has severe night blindness, and I chauffer her a lot. We alternate between her Toyota van, and Oma's Caravan.)She promised to blue book it, and call me back. I offered 6600 with 300 a month for 22 months. I totally thought this fair. She counter offered with 5,000. Blue book says fair condition is 5200, so she was being more than fair too. This is 300 a month for 16 months, with 200 the 17th month. I love it. Three stipulations though. 1. We must have a contract. I agree, I had already thought of this. Mom sisters are on the trust too, and Grandma was screwed in a car sale to a cousin a few years ago. Don't want that again. 2. It must be in my name before I can take possession. No problem here, either. I have to get the handicapped plates switched out, too.
3. Aunt Sharon needs it the middle of April when she comes to visit from Missouri. What??!! If I have paid for it, and put in my name and insurance, why should I have to hand it over for a week?? Do what everyone else does and rent a car! We have done it numerous times. Mom agreed this was over the top and told Sharon to make other arrangements. Sheesh.

So, I am drawing up a contract today, hope to get it approved and signed this weekend, and we can take possession on Wednesday when we get paid. :D