Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Buying Grandma's van

So, now that the funeral is over, and life is settling down, I had mentioned I would like the van. Grandma's van is an 06 (I think) and only has 50,000 miles on it. Every fender is dinged though, attributed to the last few weeks of Grandma driving. LOL. Every gas station post has her green paint on it. Mom asked the other day if I was REALLY interested. Yes, I am. We have two cars, one holds five people and the other two. Usually it is okay, but it sucks taking two vehicles the 12 miles to church. Grandma's van holds seven....perfect. Plus, if we buy it, we can maybe get Cory a license and let him buy the Pathfinder from us. He is almost 22....old enough I think.

Back to the van. Rumors flying at the funeral that Mom wanted 10k for it. In A-1 condition, maybe, so at that point I let it go. So when Mom called and asked, I told her what I had heard. WHAT?? Have you looked at the van lately?? LOL. Yes, Mother. I drive it a lot. (Mom has severe night blindness, and I chauffer her a lot. We alternate between her Toyota van, and Oma's Caravan.)She promised to blue book it, and call me back. I offered 6600 with 300 a month for 22 months. I totally thought this fair. She counter offered with 5,000. Blue book says fair condition is 5200, so she was being more than fair too. This is 300 a month for 16 months, with 200 the 17th month. I love it. Three stipulations though. 1. We must have a contract. I agree, I had already thought of this. Mom sisters are on the trust too, and Grandma was screwed in a car sale to a cousin a few years ago. Don't want that again. 2. It must be in my name before I can take possession. No problem here, either. I have to get the handicapped plates switched out, too.
3. Aunt Sharon needs it the middle of April when she comes to visit from Missouri. What??!! If I have paid for it, and put in my name and insurance, why should I have to hand it over for a week?? Do what everyone else does and rent a car! We have done it numerous times. Mom agreed this was over the top and told Sharon to make other arrangements. Sheesh.

So, I am drawing up a contract today, hope to get it approved and signed this weekend, and we can take possession on Wednesday when we get paid. :D

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