Friday, March 30, 2012

To celebrate a lovely lady

Everyone wanted to be part of the funeral. It put Mom in a tricky place because if she let one grandchild pay tribute, then she had to let all thirteen, and then great grandchildren needed to be let in and where would it stop?? Mom was on a strict timetable because the military was involved. Funeral HAD to end on time so we could get to the cemetary and the staging area on time. So, Uncle Ron (always Ronnie to me) gave the eulogy, the stake patriarch spoke, and remarks by the bishop. A couple girls we knew as babies were to sing/play O My Father, but the younger one was in a serious car accident a few days before, so her sister played and sang alone. Incredible. The Primary kids and cub scouts sang I love to see the Temple. Tyler was included in that because she is in Mom's Primary class.

But, there was a lot of complaining and gnashing of teeth..and that was just me. :D Bill came up with a wonderful idea. He is so smart and so level headed when I go off on tangents. We have been planning Oma's 95th birthday party. We have the building reserved for the 14th of April. We have changed it to a memorial for such a beautiful lady. Everyone who wants to will get 3-5 minutes to honor their mom, grandma, or Oma. Then we will all enjoy chocolate ice cream and hershey bars.

A fitting tribute.

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