Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Surgery went well

Surgery was Sunday night. I sat at the hospital with Mom, and at 9:20 I went home. At 10:00 they came in to tell her that all was well. No stroke, and they think he will make a full recovery. Awesome. He stays in the hospital for a week, and then goes to the rehab center for 90 days. The dr says any recovery he makes will be in the first ninety days. Medicare will only pay for 99 days. A coincidence?? LOL

We are looking to move again. We are just too far from the freeway. Bill has had houses in Indio, Victorville, and San Diego. What happened to any houses around us?? Anyway, any commute starts with the 20 minutes to get to the freeway. I hate to leave the free busing to school, but in this economy, I am sure the 'free' days are numbered. All the districts around us are in the news for cutting their busing programs. I am sure we will soon follow suit. May as well move closer to schools. Plus, maybe the boys can go back to Seminary. Seminary starts at 6:20, at the building, 20minutes away. The school bus shows at my house at 6:40. If I could find a ride from Seminary to the high school, it would work. But, no one goes to the same school. Even the bishop doesn't have an answer for me. They used to have an earlier seminary that got us home at 6:35. But since it was only my boys and the bishop's daughter they shut it down. Now she has to leave Seminary each day after 15-20 minutes to get to school on time. I am sad that more effort isn't made for these kids.

My yard is overgrown. I am debating tackling it myself, or hiring someone. LOL. Yes it is that bad.

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