Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plans to move...again

When we moved to this house in Nuevo, the plan was to be here a year to regroup. We moved here to save money, but because we are in the middle of nowhere, it added to Bill's commute. No matter where his house is, he spends 25 minutes just getting to a freeway. He spends a good 50 dollars a day. And, since San Diego has opened, and is about to explode with work, we really need something closer to the freeway....any freeway.

So, I have been half heartedly looking. In a way I want to stay in the ward. I hate switching wards, and spending a good year learning everyone. I am in the nursery now, and although I love the kids, I miss being with friends. And, now that my coleader was released, and a new person put in things are not as happy for me. More on that later.

So, I posted on Facebook about this house, and how the a/c is not cost effective. Last summer I was paying around 500 a month for the house to still be on  the hot side. I had a friend answer that she may have a rental for us. Her house. She is renting it from another friend, who moved to Texas two years ago. She has decided to buy again, and is in the process of a short sale. I have no idea why it is called that as it seems those houses take longer. :/ Anyway, she lives in a beautiful house. I helped her two years ago to move into it, and Bill and I helped her paint the upstairs and the master suite. There are two bedrooms upstairs, with a huge tv room. There are total three bedrooms, an office, the tv room, a family room, and a nice formal dining room. It has a laundry room, which I have never had before. The whole downstairs is tiled, except for the master suite. It is just a beautiful house. It has a beautiful patio, is on  a culdesac, and dear friends of ours have family across the street. It is actually the last house on the street, so the kids would be much safer than living on the main street like we do now.

The cons? 200 more a month than I am comfortable with. But, it is three minutes from the main freeway. It would put us an hour from San Diego, and an hour from Victorville, Indio, and Los Angeles. Now we are an hour from INdio, 1:20 from Victorville and San Diego, and almost two hours from Los Angeles. Another con: Back to the town we came from, with the school busing issue. But, I now have a decent car, with only 60K, so driving the kids to school is not the issue it was when we moved here. It does make it hard for me to work though. To be honest, I have only put in two or three days in the whole month of May.

So, the two hundred is kind of negated by the living so much closer to the freeway. How long will it take for friend to vacate?? I don't know. She doesnt know, but wants to be gone before school starts. Me too. I would also like to just stop looking too. :D

Moving out from under the nursery is a double edged sword. I love those little girls. I have four girls who  I am attached too. the other leader was released after being in there for almost four years. She was feeling no one liked her and that is why they left herin there to rot. Not true, of course. So, her replacement is a much older woman who can barely walk, and has not much patience for kids. I am baffled as to why they put her in there. I am now doing all the work, and I am just not enjoying it as much. Sunday I had three clingers (one was a visitor) and the kids have not had the chance to get close to her. It was rough on me to try and do everything, and still comfort my girls.

So, we will see how this all pans out. I am dreaming of hosting holidays again...impossible in my tiny house. I am looking forward to just having room to move around in.


  1. NOOOOOOO! I totally understand though, but know that I am not happy with the idea of your entire family leaving. I love your whole family, and will miss your kids in my class too.

  2. I hope you get a beautiful house where you can feel truly at home in a good ward and with easy transportation access. You are ever in my prayers