Friday, June 29, 2012


Here is the new house:

While I hate the actual move, I can't wait to move. We meet the landlord tomorrow with the rent, and to get the keys. We paid the deposit/pet deposit last week. The plumber went out this week and hopefully turned the w/d hookups from the outside yard back into the garage.  Who has hookups in the yard?? LOL

We switch wards. No bueno. I have come to love the Lake Perris ward in the last year and a half. I love being in the nursery. I will miss my girls. :c I hope our transition is smooth. The kids know a lot of the kids in the new ward because we aren't switching stakes. Between girls camp and Youth conference the kids are happy. Hey, that guy, or this girl is in the new ward! I know a few families so I am anticipating it  being fine. I just hope Bill feels like he fits in. He had felt alone in this ward as we have a lot of younger families, and older couples. But few inour age range.

Off to pack some more.

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