Friday, May 10, 2013

A little of this and that

Avoiding taking the car in. :D Fernando is 32 today. Man, I miss you my Nando. I wish you understood that you were duped, and I love you dearly. Someday maybe....

Our electric was so high over the winter...Yikes. Family meeting, promises of the fair, and it dropped over 200.00 in two months. Good job, Pachecos!!

Tyler was invited to join Avid...and I forgot to sign the paperwork.Maybe I'll do it now, and run it to the school. She was so excited about it.

She also got honor roll last week, and was so thrilled to surprise me that she stuck it to the back of the car. Little sweetie. cockeyed, but perfect in her eyes. I aspire to look at the world more with her optimism and attitude.

Mother's Day gift from Bill is a grilled Tritip on Sunday with Raspberry Chipotle. I can't wait. Tyler made something at activity day last week, and hid it from me. :D Kailey is taking me to the cheesecake factory. I am looking forward to the weekend. Still need something for my mom though.

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