Sunday, May 16, 2010

Since losing my computer, and relying solely on the netbook, I have not blogged. The keyboard on the netbook is small, and I find myself hunting and pecking rather than typing. Totally frustrating. :D

Things are bumping and lurching along still. Some months we do really well, and I think we may make a serious go at this...and other months (like now) we struggle, and I worry and stress if we are doing the right thing. At this point, we have no choice, as we have put everything into this company and it is sink or swim. So, I channel Dory and just keep swimming.

Brittany is officially engaged, with a date and everything. December 11th. I still need to talk to the bishop about officiating. The reception will be in our backyard, so we need to pull the dead plants, refinish the deck, and put all the sunset rocks back with the sunsets, and the oceans back with the oceans. Why do my kids feel the need to mix the rock colors?? Brittany has chosen red, black, and white as her colors. I keep picturing the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. LOL. Kailey will be a bridesmaid, with Tyler's sister, Katie. Both had insisted on being the maid of honor, so neither got to do it. Brittany's girlhood friend, Laura will be the MoH. Drama alert: Tyler's mom asked if we could do two ceremonies, so she didn't have to be in the same place as her ex. Uh, nope. We can only afford one ceremony. You deal. My Tyler will be the flower girl/ ringbearer, since there is no little boy on either side of the family. She will just casually exchange the basket of flower petals for a ring pillow at some point.

I had a emotional breakdown yesterday, and man have I been missing my Opa. He has been gone 2 1/2 years. We are helping the White's paint the Smith house so they can move in next week. It has been a lot of work, and I am tired. I know that is why I just started crying, and had an awful time stopping. We had stopped for lunch, and I was relating how Opa died the month before their 70th wedding anniversary. I was telling Melissa how I somehow ended up in the chair next to his head, holding his hand as he passed. It was such a beautiful experience for me, one I will always treasure. I know he knew as he passed how much I loved him. We ended breaking back to work just so I could compose myself. :D

Off to get ready for church. This 8:30 is killing me.


  1. AHHH! "Just keep swimming" is my mantra too when times are hard! :) my kids think I'm weird when I start chanting it! You are awesome, it will get better :) eventually it has to, right? ;) I love working out in the yard, call me to help

  2. hang in there things always seem to turn around!!!!