Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And THIS is how you do things??

I am frustrated. Majorly. I really hate to admit it, but a lot of my moods are determined by our current financial status. I can be content and happy in good weeks, and not want to get out of bed in others.

Construction was the hardest hit when the economy tanked. Bill lost his 22 year job two years ago exactly. We are still struggling to recover. After one year on unemployment, and doing all he could to get his license, Bill opened his business last May. What were we thinking?? Besides the five kids who were used to three meals a day, and a roof over their head of course. Starting a painting business has been tough. We keep hoping this will be the month that some county work comes in. This will be the month that we get more than one repo house a week. Don't even get me started on the crooks that run the repo business. LDS Mi..ami.

So, the end of March, Bill did a job for the county of SB. Two jobs, bid together, paid together. One was an office. The other was painting highway like lanes on a warehouse floor so the forklift drivers would stop running into the walls and each other. Really. I am serious. The county pays invoices at the end of the month, with checks sent out by the fifth. So, we turned in the invoice the 5th of April, with a paydate of May 5th. Right?? Seems easy enough. Yeah. STILL HAS NOT ARRIVED. May was tough, and I told the landlady that when this check came, I would send her rent. We finally had to pay rent a week ago, using money that was supposed to go for insurances and payroll. We squeaked payroll, don't ask me how, and now we have another week til payday again. Car pymt due, auto insurance due, and I ran to the electric company yesterday and just beat the turn off. June 2nd, on a job done in March. How do they expect ANYONE to survive that way??
Okay, I wanted the picture of Tyler and Brittany down here. Ugh. I am so illiterate in some respects. LOL. This is the picture we want to put on their invitation. I like it. I love the rosetree in front of them, I love the tiki torch in the background. And, I begged Tyler to smile. Yeah, that is what he thinks of me, eh??


  1. sorry things are stressful I hope business picks up for you!!!

  2. I hope business picks up for you!! As much as I love living down here, sometimes is really bothers me that DH had to take a 30K pay cut to move and our bills are twice of what we had in MA. Oh well, it will all work out.

  3. Just keep swimming Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming! :) What do we do, we swim it!!!