Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At least you didn't have any tough ones: Part II

Good grief! It is amazing what one little, clueless comment will unleash. LOL. Cory called yesterday, with some good/frustrating news. Set Bill off. Set him off so much that it has been years since I have seen him THAT frustrated. It has also been years since Cory lived with us. Coincidence?? I think not.

A little background. I was raised in a family where ADD/ADHD was prevelant. I had it, my brother REALLY has it, a few cousins, my aunt, my beloved Opa, you get the idea. And Cory. Actually, I am amazed that out of my seven kids, only one got it. Maybe we are finally diluting this gift that makes our get togethers quite unique and I am sure frustrating for those few family members not afflicted.

When Cory was getting ready to be released from the group home(Yes, ADD {no way could we EVER accuse Cory of the hyper part} played a big part in why he was arrested) his probation officer and Bill and I had many meetings over what to do. Job Corps was deemed his best shot, and the application process began.This was in December of 08, six months before Cory's release. I don't remember the specifics, but there were a lot of interviews, paperwork, days spent waiting in a tiny waiting room wiht the sick neighbor's baby with no a/c or even a tv to pass the time, and more waiting.....waiting.....waiting...Finally we were told he got in, and it would be March or April of this year he would go.

And then nothing. Bill would ask Cory about it, and Cory would shrug. "I haven't heard." Finally, a staff member from the group home called me and said Job Corp was looking for Cory. He had NEVER updated his contact info, so they couldn't find him. So, we made Cory call, and he had to leave a message. "This is Cory, and my new number is xxx-xxxx". Bill is frantically signalling him to leave his area code. He is baffled. They know where I live. It doesn't matter!! They need your area code! So, he promises Bill he will call back and leave his full number the next day. He didn't want to look like an idiot calling right back. I told Bill he should have told me this was going on, because I am not as nice during these moments, and I would have MADE him call back immediately and run the risk of looking like an idiot.

So, yesterday he calls me. Usually when he has news, he calls Bill first, then me. I wondered for a minute, then paid attention to what he was saying. That whole ADD thing...focus is not automatic. He says he finally got a hold of Job Corps, and they gave away his bed. Apparently they had still been calling staff member, but because he was over 18, and she was no longer his guardian, they wouldn't tell her anything. And Cory did NOT make much of an effort to call them. No matter what he says.

So, because it was a misunderstanding (snort), they have him slated to receive a bed in August. So there is good news. Hopefully by the time he finishes the program, the economy will have picked up enough and there will be jobs to be had.

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