Friday, June 11, 2010

Having seven kids has always been a challenge. Emotionally, physically, and financially. Don't even ask about my food bill. I knew by the time I was ten that I wanted a lot of kids and had settled on around 12 by the time I was sixteen. Well, 12 wasn't in the cards (thank goodness. I am barely holding on to my sanity as it is), and we were lucky and truly blessed to have seven. My health just couldn't take it.

To help with the financial part, I have done daycare off and on for years. A lifetime it seems as I started before I had ever met Bill. I was the girl in the ward who everyone called to stay with their kids while they went to Vegas for the weekend, or a week long cruise to Mexico. I learned early on how to deal with many different types of personalities and discipline styles.

When Bill was laid off last year, my daycare job (and his unemployment checks) saved us. I had three little girls, that are 2, 3, and 6. They fit into our family, and after a few bumps along the way, life was easy. A few times I kept them overnight, once even taking them to church. Yikes. We ended up having to move, and regretfully I gave my notice. I was heartbroken. They had become like my kids. Having them 70 hours a week quickly solidified a relationship.

Now we live 30 miles south of where we used to be, but we are 10 minutes from the girls grandmother. How convenient! We still see the girls on a regular basis. In fact, they are staying with us tonight as their dad recuperates from surgery this morning. How fun it has been. I love the affection, and the kisses. The two year old, Lillia, yells often " Mommy!! Wheda you??!" Three year old Mari loves to snuggle and tease. "No, Pom, it is MY neck!" as I tickle it. Then she giggles and begs for more. She just barely stopped calling me Mom. Six yr old Adrianne is Tyler's BFF and it is so cute to see them together. Especially since there was a time they hated each other, and I never thought they would get along. They do fabulously now. I love these girls so much, and I am grateful their parents still have a need for me, and allow me to be in their lives.

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