Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playing the waiting game

I should be playing the typing game, as my typing on this netbook is atrocious. It is an excuse to say the keyboard is smaller than I am used to, and my fat fingers have difficulty not hitting two or three at a time. Anyway.

A month or so ago I mentioned we had a job offer out of San Diego, and we might possibly relocate already. After being in our last town 22 years, it is hard to comprehend. But, as much as I like Lake Elsinore, the thought of moving has interesting possibilities.

Last month, out of the blue, an old acquaintance of Bill's called. He actually called me looking for Bill. It was fun to talk to him as I had been friends with his mother. He then calls Bill saying he needs Bill to work for him as he is swamped. He has hired a few guys, but none could be left alone just to do the work. Many had skipped out, or ruined work, and he needed someone he could trust. Bill had convinced his boss to hire Eric 15 years ago when he desperately needed a job, and he now wanted to return the favor. BUT, he lives and works out of San Diego, and while we toyed with it for a few days, Bill decided that this kid had gotten in over his head, and was having difficulty financing his jobs. Believe me, after the last 6 months, I totally understand and did not want to get into a position where we couldn't finance them either. So, we passed it up and decided to stay here.

Bill has been struggling with his own work. The repo houses slowed to three every two weeks. After five or six, this was hard. I have already mentioned the difficulties we have faced after financing a job, and then waiting 11-12 weeks for payment. In the last few weeks, houses have picked up again, the county has called for more bids, and things are looking up again.

And Eric calls again. He is swamped. Overloaded. And one of the worst things you can do as a contractor is turn away work. Especially in this economy. Is there any way Bill could come help?? Bill doesn't want the commute. We are about 75 miles north of San Diego. If he helps, it is because we move down that way. But, he would then have to give up the repos as they are all north of us. We can barely do Palm Springs now, and from SD it would be next to impossible.

Bill would be willing to commute for county jobs, but right now we are only getting one or two a month. If it breaks open like we are hoping, it will be a long commute. I really don't know which is best, and our prayers haven't led us anywhere yet.

So, we wait and see. All it will take is just a little positive, and we will move. Bill was raised in Oceanside, and has wanted to go back since we weremarried. We are actually looking to live in Vista. Not as close to the beach, but not as expensive either.

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