Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to the world of the literate.

For a while I couldn't type, so I was essentially illiterate?? Reminds me of the joke I haven't used in forever whenever someone in a teaching capacity would ask me to read aloud to the class and I would respond by insisting I couldn't as I was illigitimate. I am sure my mom would not get the joke. :D

Anyway, new tower and new keyboard. Costco has such great deals. I love it. I also love that Costco is so close. In Riverside, the Costco was in Corona, and you had to wade thru some of the worst traffic on McKinley that you will find in the IE. And, me being very advanced in years, remember when McKinley ended at the freeway, and it was a cow farm. All that was there at the 91 and McKinley was the Shell station. Now I swear millions feed thru there daily. Really.

Anyway, back to my topic....uh....what was my topic?? LOL. Just typing by the seat of my pants again.

Brittany's wedding is four months away. I haven't done anything yet. But, so far, I am only in charge of the luncheon. I can do this. RS President Melissa has already offered the RS help. Not that they know that yet. It is nice to have a calling where everyone knows you, and may want to help. I am getting nervous for the day though, and hoping it goes off smoothly. Crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, and the street it goes well.

We went to the temple the other day to celebrate Arik's 17th birthday, and to have his work started. We can't have him sealed to my parents until Dad comes back to the temple or he passes. My mom has already painfully extracted a promise that if she goes first, I will make sure it happens. Anyway, we went to do his endowments. The neat thing, and I know I have already touched on this, is Bill blessed him when he was adopted at three. Bill confirmed him a member after (ex) Uncle Scott baptized him. Bill ordained him a deacon, and a teacher. Bill then dedicated his grave, and now has gone thru the temple for him. Mom and I planned this back in March, as the one year requisite wait was over in mid January. Work was slow, so we said this friday, next friday, how about the following wednesday. We finally nailed something down in June. We are fast movers, can you tell?? In June, Bill had a huge county job that we had prayed for, and he had to do...but again, the temple was pushed back. During this time, Bill was not feeling too worthy to be the one to do Arik's work. He had had resentful feelings and now was feeling guilty that Arik would not appreciate Bill's efforts, and would possibly prefer someone else altogether to do the ordinances. So he didn't really make any effort to help us when we were trying to nail down a date to go. I finally told Mom that since August 20th was just around the corner, let's etch it in stone, and no backing out unless someone came down with the plague, or moved to Utah or something impossible like that. As the day got closer, and I tried making arrangements for kids who had started school the week before, I had no idea Bill was feeling this way.

I am not sure how much of this story to tell, as I have not told my mom any of it yet. She needs to hear it, but it needs to be told carefully, and I will explain in a bit.

So, it all barely works out, and we head to San Diego before the sun on Friday. I forgot to remind Bill about the first ordinance he needed to do for Arik. He went in and got dressed, and sat to wait for us. We were going in the nine oclock session, and he was dressed and ready to go by 7:45 and waiting in the session lobby for us. Meanwhile, we are doing initiatories, and watching the time so we are not late. Bill is reflecting on his life, Arik's life, and how they intersected, and things he may have done differently. Let me say, Bill is a good man, and kids just seem to really like him, and Arik was no different. Bill included him every chance he got. He knew what it felt like to be the only kid, and Arik loved going on our outings with us. I honestly feel Bill had NOTHING to feel regret for, but he felt he did. While sitting there, he was overwhelmed with missing Arik, and the love he has for him. And he got the all encompassing feeling of love from Arik. He knew he was there, and he started to cry. My big bear of a husband is actually quite tender. He looked up, and Arik was standing there, smiling his trademark goofy grin. Right about this time he remembered the forgotten ordinances, but got the strong feeling it was okay, and he could stay with Arik. He said it lasted about five minutes before Arik left. Bill was so grateful for such a wonderful experience.

He wants Mom to know, but we are working on a way to tell her. My aunt, and my mom's younger sister, Sharon, lost her son to an overdose when he was 24. I think in 2006. Yeah, had to be since he was born in 1982. Anyway, he has come to see her a few times, and she kinda makes a big deal out of it and makes my mom feel like Arik doesn't love her as much as Adrian loves his mom. Everything is a competition with her. So, to tell my mom that Arik came to Bill is a really touchy subject. So, if you see Mom, keep it mum til Bill can tell her.

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