Saturday, June 12, 2010

At least you didn't have any tough ones!

Our 20 yr old son comes to visit at least every other Saturday. We don't do much, but today we bought the new GreenDay Rock Band. The day was spent perfecting their gig, and opening locked songs.

On the way to take him to the bus stop, he mentioned the oldest daughter of the people he is living with. "Mom, when Brooke was four or five, she used to hold her breath and turn blue when she didn't get her way. At least you didn't have any tough ones!" It took a minute for me to realize just what he said.

No, Cory, you weren't tough. It was fun when you were two and would do the SAME thing! You would get mad, and throw yourself to the floor, and refuse to breathe. The first two or three times I thought for sure you were having a seizure. I took you to the pedi, who after asking what brought on these episodes, told me you were throwing temper fits. A couple times of me walking away and you stopped.

It was not tough when I put you down for a nap, ran across the complex to the laundry room, only to find you had followed me. Luckily, someone had propped the pool gate open, and you being unafraid of water ran in. I didn't have my pool key with me, since I was doing laundry, and had no way in once you slammed the gate. I managed to coax you to the gate, where I grabbed your wrist and wouldn't let go. Then I yelled for help. If you had slipped away, you would have drowned that day.

Or the time we got up in the morning to find my butcher knife out of its locked drawer and stabbed into a block of cheese. Or the time you dumped a whole container of baby powder on Baby Kailey's head. Or the time we were moving into a new house, and had the microwave cord across the stove and you turned on the burners and set it on fire. And while in the corner for that one you took a marker to the freshly painted wall.

Or, when we were finally in a house with a back yard, and you climbed up on the a/c unit and jumped to the six ft block wall, and scaled it then ran around to knock on the front door with a huge smile on your face. So I put you in time out in your room, and you knocked out the screen and ran around to the front door again.

Then when you were four.......

It is a wonder we went on to have five more kids.


  1. I was just reading another friend's blog and she just gave birth to her first. I was totally thinking about having another. And then I came and read your blog. I might just stick with one, lol!

  2. oh, the things these kids say :>) That is pretty funny.