Friday, December 10, 2010

Sometime...this weekend..

So, here is Enos. And HER egg sac. Yikes. I didn't mind having a praying mantis on my desk, swiveling his head to watch me. I didn't mind hitting up Petco every few weeks for more live crickets to feed him. I did mind feeding him, and made the boys do it. :D But, when this egg sac appeared, and the vents on the top of the cage all the sudden looked huge and unable to hold back the deluge of baby mantes, and I pictured my house overrun with little green bugs, I MINDED.
The plan is to release Enos into the wild, also known as the backyard, one day this weekend. Yes, there is guilt. Have I made life too easy for this bug?? I was so thrilled when he grew from 3/4 of an inch to well over three inches long. It gives one a sense of fulfillment when your child/dog/cat/bug survive your care. He(she) is used to Manna from Heaven, or crickets dropped out of a plastic bag. Out in the yard will he be able to find food, and take care of himself?? I start to worry and get tempted to keep him, and then I see that huge, volkswagen sized egg sac, and my determination is back. Of course the sac has been there for a week now, so what am I waiting for?? I don't know.
Tomorrow is the big day!! (Does it say something about me and my priorities when I talk about bug guilt before my oldest daughter's wedding??) Brittany has put so much time and effort into this wedding. My friend reminded her that she was the bride...not the scullery maid. But, Brittany wanted things done just so...and I let her. :D I will post pics. I wanted to get pics of the set up today, but I just went to the church after getting Chan from school, and forgot the camera at home. Tomorrow I will not forget it.

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