Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I can't get it out of my head.

My child screaming in terror. The replay woke me up at three am today. Not the fun terror scream that she does on Tower of Terror, but the blood chilling scream of her thinking her life is ending. It is horrible. It is a snapshot of a moment I think will take me a long time to stop replaying over and over.

For lunch yesterday, we both wanted the leftover chicken thighs. There were only four left in the bag, perfect for two of us. These are my favorite boneless skinless thighs. The oh so versatile ones. Yum. I heated the pan, sprayed the nonstick spray, and Reba started to sing. Who would be calling at lunchtime?? With five kids....LOL. So, without thinking, I went to the desk to answer it. I came back, and the pan was smoking. Here is where I totally act like an idiot. Or maybe it was leaving the pan to heat while I left the room?? Anyway, pan smoking, and instead of turning it off to cool down, I throw the fatty, frozen thighs right in. And yep, they went up in flames. Since there was a heat source, lots of fat, and plenty of oxygen in the room, the flames were well fed. Ugh. I almost panicked, and was looking for water to douse it with. Thank goodness for the love of my Heavenly Father, for almost immediately, I saw replayed in my mind, a PSA on grease fires. I saw the fire go across the ceiling, and burn the whole kitchen down. Scary. So, instead I looked for the lid to the pan, to suffocate the fire. In my quick search, I couldn't find it, but I found the cookie sheet and threw it on the pan. Success. Iam not a clear thinker in stressful situations, so I am grateful I was not alone, and I felt the calming love He has for me.

Meanwhile, during all this (which I guess lasted a good 10 seconds or so) Tyler is in the corner of the kitchen, with her hands over her face, and just screaming. It was so heartwrenching. As soon as it was safe, I grabbed her up and we went into the living room. She was shaking she was so scared.

But, I keep seeing her in that corner, in abject terror. My poor baby.


  1. Wow! Scary! I am so glad that you were prompted to handle the emergency. Poor Tyler. Pray for peace for both of you. I am too, of course. I don't think asking for blessing would be out of line, either. ((hugs)) for both of you.

  2. (((Hugs))) Poor Tyler and mom! I'm thankful that you were able to think before throwing the water.