Saturday, January 22, 2011

This and that.

I am supposed to be doing laundry. Or the kitchen. My bedroom could use some TLC. Not to mention I should be packing up the house. Instead, I am here. :D I do have a couple loads going, and the dishwasher is almost full. I have been somewhat productive for a Saturday I guess. We won't mention the Christmas stuff still around.

We got a house. It is so depressing to move from 2000 sq ft to 1400. The house is out in Nuevo. The pros?? About a 600 a month savings between rent and utilities. A closer commute for Bill when he works out in the high desert. Right down the street from Brittany and Tyler. The house has three bedrooms, and two extra rooms. So, we still have an office, and a room in the garage for Cory. The cons?? I am not too thrilled with Perris high school. Monica went there, and did fine. Arik went there, and fell in with a bad crowd, and we know how that ended up. We have had talks with the boys on how we have choices, and there are bad kids at every school. In fact, the high school that my three older kids went to is one of the worst rated in the state.

Oh, and we will be in the same ward with my parents and Oma. Since my niece, Emily, now lives with Oma, she is in the ward too. This is a plus that took me a while to come to. In the church, when you move into a ward with family, or friends, that is your definition for a long time. I will be Linda's daughter as long as we live there. I know this from experience. :D When I was a kid, we moved into my aunt's ward, and I was stigmatized as Rod's cousin til we moved. But, we can overcome this. My mom has been in this ward for 22 years. I know quite a few people. We have had most of our family funerals there. I think we will be okay. It will be nice to always have someone to sit with, and someone to go to activities with. And, Emily will be in YW with Cameryn. That is a big plus, since Cameryn is so new.

Three more weeks in this house. I am fighting tears, as I loved this house. But, on the other hand...we have ended up on the neighbors list, and my boys are afraid to go outside. So, three weeks til that drama is over. The neighbor's 15 yr old son walked off with Hunter's minibike while we weren't home a couple weeks ago. Next door neighbor, Bob, saw him do it. Hunter went over and asked the kid, Robert, if he had seen his bike. Robert denied it and told Hunter to look thru his garage. Hunter was embarrassed and didn't want to cause a scene. So, he came home. A week or so later (last Saturday) Robert was out front, fixing the bike. What cachones! Hunter went over again and Robert said he bought the bike off a guy he didn't know. Some guy off the street apparently. So, we called the cops. The policewoman came out, and got the bike back for us. Robert then said Chandler had given him the bike, and he had put 30.00 into fixing it. She said he was not allowed to ask Hunter for the money or the chain back. He knowingly fixed a stolen bike, and it was his loss. Since we had the bike we declined to press charges.

But the dad, Sean, and Robert are both very angry. Not much has happened except comments and names being tossed to us. The boys are ignoring all of it. Sean is the neighborhood bully. He drives like a madman thru here. I worry about the kids safety. Bill has pretty much decided to go ahead and press charges as soon as we move. I don't really see the point by then. I just want to keep things calm for the kids. But, I will be glad to put this behind us. I am tired of neighbors. LOL. Two houses ago it was Sam the animal killer. He killed my cat. He used bust out our Christmas lights on the one side of the house. He was 15 at this time. Evil. Last I heard he was married and had a kid. Shudder. The last house was the old ladies next door. What a couple of whackos. I kept them happy for as long as I could, and then had to back up for my own safety. Then this house, with the girl up the street, who after I spent a month watching her kids while she recovered from emergency surgery, started attacking Tyler. I backed up really quickly then, and we ignore her and her kids for our safety. Now Sean and Robert. Please, let the next house have sane people. Please.

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