Saturday, January 22, 2011

Farewell, little Bug

Enos has passed on. I came downstairs the other morning, and I didn't realize that I always stick my face up to the cage and check on her. First thing I noticed was another egg sac! According to everything I read on praying mantes, they only have one egg sac, and then die shortly thereafter. So, since she laid an egg sac last month, I have been on a sort of death watch. I had no idea what the normal time frame between sac and death is. So the second sac was a shock. Then I noticed that Enos was not hanging from the top of the cage like she likes to do. A quick look found her on the bottom of the cage in a classic face plant pose. Her huge butt was up in the air, and her face buried under the grass we used to simulate her natural environment. (Now I am channeling Mitch Hedburg. LOL)

I was sad. I knew her time was coming, but still. Now there is no one to tell when I get a super high score on Bejewelled, or someone updates their status with the comedy in their life. I guess I will go back to talking to the dog. :D

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  1. : (

    It is sad to lose even a little friend, even when we are expecting it.

    I am sure the dog will be glad.