Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We are here.

The move is about done. One more load or so to bring my extra fridge, and my washer/dryer. Yeah, four days here, and no washer. LOL. Even when it comes, I need to run a gas line for my dryer. Anyway, the house is most of the way put together. The cable/internet came yesterday, and wow, I forgot how fast internet should go. Using the little laptop stick was no fun.

I wanted to take pictures..but the camera is dead, and the charge cable is in a random box somewhere. It'll turn up eventually. Bringing the dog and the cat over was quite the experience. Delilah liked the ride, just didnt understand that she needed to stay in the back, and not on my lap while I was trying to drive. She usually hunts me out when she is upset or scared, so she didnt really understand why I wasn't letting her sit on me this time when she needed me. LOL. She is okay now, especially since our bed is not together yet, and she sneaks in and cuddles up in the middle between Bill and I. Once the room is done, she is locked out again. :D Jack was put in a box, and taped up. He is old, and does not like the car. We tried once to take him free, and he darted around the car and scratched everyone good. So, for his safety, and ours, we boxed him up and I told the kids I would bring Jack in the Box home. LOL. Mean, I know. A few of the kids figured out I was just bringing the cat, but a couple had jumbo jacks on the brain and were upset just to see it was Jacky. It was funny. Anyway, as we turned on our street, Jack escaped the box and Cory had an awful time holding onto him to get him into the house.

Today I need to go and enroll kids in school. We need to get back on a schedule, soon.

The boxes are calling....


  1. glad things are going well I miss you already!

  2. I was bummed to look around in RS on Sunday and realize you wouldn't be sitting in there anymore smiling at me. Miss you too.

  3. Jack in the Box - funny but mean. I would have been disappointed, too. Couldn't we have both kinds of Jack in the Box? : )

    I hope the settling in goes well.