Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seriously neglected

Again.... this blog, of course. Ugh. But, when my life is this boring...I relish it. I have been more content, and things have been going well, that I just didn't get here. Bill's job as a repo painter is still going well. After four months of six days, sometimes seven a week, he is off this week. Nothing else has come thru this week, but I am taking it as a welcome break. The company now has a contract with Home Depot on these houses. HD will only hire companies with legal workers. Bill and one other guy in Southern California are the only two who qualify. No wonder these other guys make enough to survive on!! Bill's immediate boss encouraged Bill to hire illegals too, but we know too many people who need work to do that. Now we are glad. Bill's boss is in a panic because these houses are about to explode, and he is worried that the two guys are not going to be enough. So, with this looming, we enjoy the downtime. I need to write a note to a dear friend and ask her forgiveness. I cut her out of my life over something someone else told me she had done. It was a big thing, that I don't want to get into,but I realized this week that I was wrong. I should never have taken the third person's word without going to friend and finding out if it was true. I acted like a middle schooler. I hope she will forgive me. A few more days, and the girls go back to school. They got a two week break, and it was a week too long. They have been wrestling, bickering, shouting, running, screaming, hurling, fighting, crying, and bullying. Ugh. Bill has been off too, and has wondered where his two princesses have gone. Me too. Then I have three days with all of them in school, and then the boys go to Youth Conference, then have Spring Break. Unfortunately, they already had SB for Seminary, so we get up for that, then they can come home and go back to sleep. Fun. Seminary is really difficult right now. Hunter gets up, takes a 45 minute shower, and throws us late every day. We didn't even go today because by the time he was ready, it was 10 to six. Seminary had been going since 5:30, and it is a 15 minute drive there. I miss living around the corner from the building. I didn't see the point to arrive at 5 after six, and leave by 6:20. We get home every day by 6:35, and the bus comes at 6:38. I have yelled at him, taken his phone away, put him on restriction, and he just doesn't care. He still takes 45 minute showers. He has no respect for anyone right now. I have no idea how to deal with this. But we have to figure it out. Off to shower and get ready to go to lunch with a friend from Lake Elsinore. It is probably a pity lunch as I was telling her how I am so lonely since moving. I am Linda's daughter at church, and the only ones who look at me and talk to me are her friends. Which is great, but I want friends my own age, or close to, also.

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