Thursday, February 25, 2010

The bike

Chandler is a whiz on wheels. When he was four, he took Cory's bike, got a stool, climbed up and rode in circles on the back patio til he had it down. He got his first skateboard at 7, is incredibly talented on it, and hopes to be sponsored some day. He hasn't had a bike in a while, after leaving his in the rain and ruining it. Money does not grow on trees. So, he has used his razor scooter and his board for any entertainment.

Lately though, he has wanted to get back into BMXing. He has asked no less than 45, 231 times for a bike for his birthday (in August. Can you imagine my next six months??) This boy has a handle on nagging. Then the neighbor offered him his extra, barely used bike for 50 dollars. There is no way Chan has that kind of money because 1. I only hand out money for extra chores. Extra chores are only allowed after your room, homework, and regular chores are done. and 2, everytime they have a few dollars in their pocket, they run to the store and buy candy, ice cream, or chips. I need to work on this. Anyway, he begged and pleaded and promised that if we bought him an early birthday gift, he would be so helpful and do extra chores to help pay for it. I thought about it for a few days, and finally agreed to pay for the bike and in return he would throw no more temper tantrums and slam his door. He would also do his homework and chores each day before disappearing on it. He quickly agreed, and I know in my heart that none of it will last. But, at least the nagging has ceased....until the next thing he absolutely has to have.

I am starting daycare again, for the same family I moved out from under. They are very particular about who watches their kids, and I know, both being cops, that they checked Bill and I out very thoroughly before allowing me to watch their three little girls. Since I moved six months ago, she has had a rough time. I feel badly, but we had no choice, and she understands that, on all levels. Anyway, I started watching the girls when they were 4, 19 months, and six months. They were just babies, and I got very attached. Having them a minimum of 56 hours a week, and usually closer to 70, I was really their second mommy. Everything Idid, I just dragged them along. The only downside is I never got a nap. :D I had them last weekend while Connie recovered from a bad back. I loved it. They are now almost 6, 3 and 2. Taking them to church was an experience, as we need to leave the house by 8:15 at the latest, and I now had 8 kids to get ready. But, we did it.I realize it was a honeymoon phase, and that the lovey dovey between Tyler and Adrianne will quickly be replaced by their loud frustrations with each other. But, it is all good.

I have also been playing at being a laborer for Bill. There are a lot of advantages to me being his helper. One, he doesn't have to pay me. That is a biggie. We also get to spend a lot of time together. Yesterday he even had me paint, and touch up. It is boring work, but has to be done. Eventually, I would like to be an actual help. :D

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  1. You are a good woman. I am glad that you are doing child care for children you love and day help for a man you love to be with. It isn't as much fun as being rich I supposse, but it sure could be worse.

    If Cory breaks his contract, lock up the bike. (softie! but who wouldn't be? It is hard to know when to stand firm and when to give in.)

    thanks for blogging. I like you.