Sunday, February 7, 2010

My boring life

Happily, I think my life has settled down enough to say "I lead a boring life" Yay!! It has been a long time coming. Unfortunately, this doesn't bode well for blogging. :D

Yesterday, Chandler went around to everyone, saying he didn't want to spend the day in the house, can we go to the mall?? The closest mall is 15 miles away. Bill worked a long week, and was looking forward to a relaxing day, and I was in the middle of cleaning my room. We decided to go ahead and go to the mall. I started hollerin' ....uh....calling for the girls to get their shoes and brush their hair. We are ready to walk out the door, and Chan says "If Hunter isn't going, neither am I" Sheesh. So, since the girls were already pumped and at the door, we went. We had a good time, and I really tried not to think of all I had at home to do.

Brittany and Tyler are coming over today. It was nice having her visit this week. She even invited a friend over one night. She is not telling Tyler that it is Superbowl Sunday. He will refuse to come. Apparently he really hates football. LOL. This is one habit Bill just couldn't kick when he joined the church. I am okay with it since he quit the smoking, and the beer. :D He is thrilled every year we are on the early schedule and he doesn't miss kickoff. But, at least he doesn't chafe to get home on the late schedule. But, boy, does that TV come on as soon as we walk in the door. :/

Anyway, we are having hot wings, chili cheese dip, and candy for each time your team scores. The kids always hope for high scorers.

Off to get ready for church


  1. Hi Pam! Glad to see you in blogging land. Thanks for your help today!

  2. Congratulations on 'your boring life'! May you live peacefully and prosper! <3