Sunday, February 28, 2010

little of this and that

I have been helping Mom with her house. She has lived in this house 20 years this March. Things need help. Over the years, I have learned a few home improvement things from Bill, so I was able to install a new curtain rod, spackle the holes of the old one, AND spackled the gouges from the recliner in the dining room wall, and then paint and blend it in. I must say,it all looked good. Bill says he is almost ready to hire me. LOL. My big project over there will be painting the trim on the outside of the house. It is the same color as the stucco, and I hate it. Her stucco is a tan, with yellowish undertones, so I think a sage green, or a wedgwood blue would be pretty. Too bad I don't know a painter....oh wait! I do....he just is too busy right now. Shoot.

The repo company lowered Bill's wages. They had given him a higher rate while he got going good, and we were feeling it was just barely enough to get us by, until the county picks up more. Now with them shaving 25% off his take rather than 12, Bill has to do a lot of the work himself rather than piecing it out to his workers. This has made them mad, but what can we do?? I want the county to pick up, but not like last time. We put thousands of our own money into materials with the promise we would be paid in 2-3 weeks, and it took 8 weeks. We just about sunk. If we get enough county work to use profits from the last job to pay for this job, then it will be great. But one every now and then doesn't work.

So far, Bill and the two boys are too sick for church. Bill has been really sick all week, but still went to work every day. Yesterday he spent most of the day in bed, and today will be the same I guess. He has to work tomorrow and all week again, so he may as well get caught up while he can. Kailey is in getting ready to go right now. She hasn't been in months again, so I hope it goes well.

I had better go do what I need to do to be there on time. :D

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  1. Life can certainly be challenging, can't it?! And we shouted for joy? What were we thinking? I think we both knew more and knew less than we know now. It will all - eventually - be worth it. I admire how you guys keep on keeping on, continue faithful, and keep your sense of self and sense of humor.

    yah, for Kailey. I hope it was a good experience for her and she wants to go back.