Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Laurel and Hardy experience

Service is so ingrained, that when the opportunity arises, you don't even think of it as service til later. Someone needs help, and you do what you can to help. Simple, yes?? sometimes. LOL.

Back story: I have been sick all week. I am feeling better, but I have a raspy hacking cough. I took supplies to alleviate any coughing spells I might have. Armed with water, dayquil, and hard candies, I thought I took sufficient precautions to be quiet in Sacrament Meeting. I wish I had remembered to turn my phone off... I wanted to stay home, but felt really strong I should go.

During Sunday School I remembered that I had forgotten the attendance binders at home. I debated running home (15 minutes each way) or send Bill. I sent Bill. He should have been back right about the time RS started, and no one would have been the wiser. Yeah. It sounds good in theory. I was pacing, not daring to go in unless I had them. Yes, I know, one week without checking the little box is not going to mess up my numbers. Waiting....waiting....where could he be?? I went in finally without them. Confessed during opening song that I did not have them. Soon I heard my name really loudly whispered. LOL. I have a guess who that was, and turned to see Bill at the door. Finally. I went out, got the binders, and ran the one to Primary. On my way back the other way, Ellen came out of the RS room. Leaving is so not like her, and as she has been looking frail lately, I was immediately worried. I asked her what was wrong, and she gasped out that she was out of air, and was heading to the church phone to call her husband. We still have those?? I thought they took them all out at the hands of the deacons, and since cell phones were so prevalent. I told her Bill was up the hall, she could sit down, and we would use his phone to call her husband to come get her.

I find Bill, and hand Ellen the phone. Here is where I really drop the ball. I walk away...AWAY from a lady gasping for air, and who has never used a cell phone. Can you top THAT idiocy?? By this time Ellen is a gray/green color, and we decide to drive her home rather than waiting for husband to get there, and taking double the time. I am thinking every moment is precious at this point. We probably should have just called 911. Duh.

Our car is dirty. When isn't it?? Five kids, all their stuff. I keep thinking I need to clean it, so hop up in there Ellen. Ugh. We get her in, and of course, our A/C hasn't worked in months. The car is hot, airless, and I am loading her walker in the other side. She is gasping for the window to be rolled down, and I told Bill to drive so we can get some air in her face. I am so scared. Oh, during all this, she is upset she has lost her hymnal with her name in it. She needs it this week as she is planning her funeral, and wants to make sure John G has the songs he needs. What??!!! I hurriedly asked the Bishop if we might steal/borrow one, so she doesn't get agitated about it.

On the way I tried to call her husband, only to find out that between Wells Fargo calling during Sacrament Meeting, and now, T-Mobil has suspended our service. Really?? I call 611 and go thru the automated steps to pay the bill and get service. It is imperitive we get a hold of her husband, Bob, because he has the clicker to open the gate. Service on, call again, no answer from Bob. We pull up in front of her house, I am in a panic, and it is locked up like Fort Knox, and she says No wonder!! Bob is not home!! Gate clicker is in house. I am looking to see how possible scaling her fence would be when she says the walk in gate is unlocked. Her yard looks like the White house lawn at this point, and I honestly can't see how she is going to walk up to the house. She tells me that the car would fit thru the walk in gate so I jump out to open it. Bill drives in, across her grass, and up to the front door. She is worried about getting her stuff out of our car, and I am more concerned getting her in the house and hooked up to her perma tank. NOW. We finally get in and she gets her nebula in, and I can finally breathe myself. By this point she is shaking and I make her sit down by me.As her color comes back, she stops shaking, and it is Ellen again. I wanted to cry in relief.

I am grateful we were able to help. I am sure someone else would not have had the issues that we did. LOL. But, at the end of the day, Ellen is okay, and I hope she will be around for a long time. I love that lady, with her sharp wit, and her gentle spirit.

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