Thursday, September 16, 2010

three months...and counting

The wedding is in three months. Yikes. We have the building locked down, and the bishop has promised not to go anywhere that weekend. We have a second choice, just in case the same thing that happened to Bill and I doesn't happen again. Our bishop's mom died days before our wedding leaving us scrambling at the last minute for someone. LOL. Some guy I had never seen before, or since, married us. Our second choice was just released as bishop, so I am not sure he can even do a wedding...anyone know??

The wedding is at 10 am. We are inviting 75 people. Brittany only wants certain cousins. I am stepping out of that one. We are having a brunch/luncheon. For some reason, Britt wants quiche. She hates eggs, yet knows this is an egg pie. ?? Tyler has never had it either. Why try something out on your wedding meal?? So, I enlisted the help of the RS. We will make chicken salad for croissants, and egg casseroles with fruit and muffins to round it out. I guess there is a sister in the ward who makes a wonderful quiche, so I will have her make one just for Brittany and Tyler. The rest of us can eat everything else. Bill thinks this is rude, but I don't. You only (hopefully) get married once, and it is their day. Anyone have an issue, deal with it. :D

Speaking of issues....Tyler's mom refuses to come to the wedding, and wants us to put on a second ceremony just for her. Um, no. She does not want to be there with Tyler's dad. I think it is her guilt speaking for she cheated on him, and then left with her boyfriend while he was trying to deal with the cheating. He is very pleasant, and only wished the best for her. Why she is causing drama is beyond me. I told Brittany that if her future FIL was abusive or something, then I could see it. So, she either comes, or she doesn't. But she will miss the opportunity to see her only son married. I don't get the mindset that would think that was okay.

Also, neither Tyler nor Brittany have a job. Ugh. Bill and I are picking up most of the tab. I am so glad the church, and the bishop are free. With the RS help on food, that is a big deal too. But, what about her dress?? The bridesmaids dresses?? They should pay themselves, but Kailey and Cameryn are both bridesmaids. The boys need black pants, black shirts and red ties. If I have the money, I need a dress too. Maybe I can salvage my black skirt (the one I lost weight, and can't wear anymore) and buy a red blouse.

I just see the dollar signs clicking. I want to contact Tyler's mom and ask if she can do anything to help financially. Is that tacky?? Her daughter, Ty's sister, is a bridesmaid, too.

On top of the Cory stress, the Kailey stress, normal everyday stresses of a big family, and a floundering business, I have wedding stresses. Can you just run to Vegas like everyone else?? LOL. Aunt Michele knows a great Elvis impersonator who will marry you....just a thought.

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