Friday, October 1, 2010

a job

I have been looking for some sort of work for a while now. Something that can bring in a little extra income to take some of the pressure off Bill. I have worked for him, stripping the masking out of houses when they are done painting, but that just saves him a few dollars...doesn't really bring anything in. I have tried selling stuff on Craig'slist, to what my kids would call an 'epic fail'. I even put it out there that I would do daycare again. In this economy, finding an income is rough.

So, being the RS Secretary, most mass emails go thru me. I was sent one that was looking for someone to work part time, flexible hours. I read it, noticed it said good eyesight, and got it ready to send out to the ward. A few days later, RS President calls and asked if I applied for the job. Uh, no....I am sure there is someone in the ward more desperate than me. She said So What. They have had three days, call him and see if the job is still available. So I did...and it was. I had a job. Bill was over the moon. Anything I can do to relieve some of his burden, and make him that happy, I will. :D

So, I started work last week. I work in a shop where we put together electronic kits for schools. Resistor pins, circuit boards, speakers, wired buttons, the like. With it, kids can make all sorts of interesting stuff. From the common crystal radio, to the unique lie detector and burglar alarm. We assemble these kits, and ship them all over. There is enough variety that I don't get bored, but not enough to overwhelm me. At my age, I need all the help I can get. :D

THere has been a kid working there, alone, for the last few months. He was behind on jobs, and spending long hours, alone, assembling kits. Alone. I would go crazy. Within the first week, we were caught up. While this is great for business, it does not bode well for my hours. I kinda shot myself in the foot. The secretary called me Wednesday, and basically laid me off (yes, after eight days). To say I was upset is an understatement. Worse, how would I tell Bill?? She said she would call each day to let me know of work. Not what I was hoping for. By the time she calls, I lose an hour. I have to get off by two to get kids. Starting at nine was great. She calls by 9:45, and I can be there by 10. Ugh.

So, I am thinking I am off yesterday, the first day of my lay off. Nope, she calls. A customer called her, angry, because she ordered 250 kits back in August, and they never came. Most orders are 30 pieces. 250 is a huge order. So, we hustled.....and did 150, plus the rest of the orders that came in. If I work today, I will help with the other 100. If not, Kid is on his own, and it won't get out til Monday at least. I am thinking she will call today. :D

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