Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whatever you do...don't ask if it can get worse!

You'd think I would know this by now. :D Obviously not. Things are rough in the Pacheco house right now. You have heard that they are staying most foreclosures because the banks weren't letting struggling homeowners know that they might be eligible to refinance their loans. So, while they look into this, repos will stop for a period of 60-90 days. This actually means closer to six months. For those who are struggling to make their mortgage payments in this economy this is excellent news! But, for those of us who make our living off remodeling repos so the banks can sell them, it is staggering news. Things are already sluggish, and this makes it worse.

But, before things grind to a halt, the banks are pushing thru twice as many. Bill is hopping and it is false hope to think it will last. We have arrangements made in the event we have to move (which it is seriously looking that way). We hope to catch up, and maybe get a little ahead before work stops.

So, last Thursday, we went to a job in Colton. On our way home, the transmission gave up the ghost. We are flying along, and all the sudden the accelerator is useless. There is nothing. We pull over to the side of the road, and wonder what to do now?? It has been a long time since we have been stranded on the highway. We call my parents, who call Triple A, and we get us and the car home. But, now, Bill needs to use my car to go to work, leaving me with nothing. We are so broke right now that we are thinking of maybe just calling the junk man to come get Bill's car. But, it has a dang good engine, and I hate losing it, so maybe we will park it, and fix it in a few months.

The problem with this is: we live in a semi rural town. I have four kids going to four different schools. I spend an hour and a half each day doing pickups, and that is just three of them. Cameryn walks with the neighbor to the middle school which is just a few blocks away. Chandler goes across town to Temescal, Hunter at Lakeside, and Tyler up at Rice Canyon. So, this week, I have scrambled to find rides for the kids. Chandler was my biggest worry. There is no way for him to get home except to get a ride. There are two ways home, and both are really dangerous. A mixup at the school yesterday had him trying to walk home, and Mindy found him at the corner of Riverside and Collier, no crosswalks or anything, and him stressing trying to figure out how to cross. I am so grateful for friends who have helped me this week.

Meanwhile, I asked Mom if I could borrow Grandma's van for a few weeks until we could fix the Pathfinder. Grandma can no longer drive, and the van is used as backup when my mom doesn't want to put the miles on her car. She said due to family drama the last time I rented it, she couldn't let me take it again. I was alittle hurt, as I am desperate and would never ask otherwise. Plus, I have bent over backwards to help my grandparents in the last five years, and never asked for anything in return. Not really fair to pull that card, as we do service out of love, not for what we can gain, but as I said, I was hurt. Did I mention I was also desperate?? So, Grandma came back and said she would pay either for the Pathfinder to be fixed, or another pickup for Bill to have. We could pay her back later. I was so relieved by this, I almost cried. So, the Pathfinder will be ready today, or early tomorrow. I am so glad.

So, we go to an open house at the Bishop's house Saturday night, and while there, I mention to a friend "It can't get any worse!" Yeah, never say that. We got home that night, and as we were getting ready for bed, I slipped on the stairs and twisted my ankle. The pain was incredible, and my yelling brought the whole family. How embarrassing. I laid there until the pain subsided, and crawled to the couch where I have been since. It is doing a lot better, but I still can't walk on it, and I really doubt I can drive. So, my goal is to be self sufficient by Monday. Bill is not to confident with this goal, as he has seen me hobble around. It is odd that my balance is all the sudden really bad, and I have fallen on the crutches a few times. Luckily, I have been by the couch each time and just plop down. I had a blessing last night, so I hope I am better soon.


  1. Pam I am so sorry! When it rains it pours it seems :<( Hopefully your luck will turn around soon. Can we do anything for you?

  2. have you seen a doctor? maybe your balance is a middle ear problem, or need new glasses (that's me)...please call if you ever need help with rides, big car here :) just keep swimming :)